My Name

My first name tends to be pronounced incorrectly. While my problems aren't quite as dire as this guy, I think a short guide is still in order, and here it is:

"Stephen" is pronounced exactly the same as "Steven".

I can understand the confusion: a quick search of the CMU pronouncing dictionary shows that there is no other word in the English language where "ph" is pronounced as a "v". Don't ask me why "Stephen" is pronounced the way it is.

The name "Stephen" is from the Greek "στέφανος" which means "crown". The "φ" explains the "ph". One form of "στέφανος" is found in the New Testament. Stephen is also a Saint in many Christian traditions, as well as the first martyr.

Known Bugs



See my Athlinks profile. Races I have run (*PR):

States Visited

Here are the states I have visited, and which I remember. Driving through counts, flight layovers do not count.

Some Links


In my opinion, screen is so important that it deserves it's own section. If you do any work remotely, on a unix machine, you need to know how to use screen (or tmux, I'm not picky). Here is my .screenrc (configuration file). Just download this and put it into your home directory.

Or, simpler yet, just run this command from your home directory.

~ $ wget https://github.com/mayhewsw/dotfiles/blob/master/screenrc
~ $ mv screenrc .screenrc

byobu is a fancy wrapper built over screen.


Latex is a great tool for simply and beautifully typesetting math. For an editor, I use TexMaker. Lately I've been using overleaf.

I used Latex to make my resume, and my wedding program.


People often characterize Champaign-Urbana as "nothing but cornfields." While I will concede that there is a lot of corn, and that we have no mountains or beaches, there is still a lot in the area to be thankful for. Here is a list of things that I appreciate about the twin cities: